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A Model For Matisse

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Review : Prepare to Be Amazed

Do Not Miss This! A fascinating inside glimpse of one of our world’s beloved modern artists.

I could kick myself for not knowing about this chapel, a symbol of his affection for his companion, when I visited the south of France in my youth. What a glorious testament to art and friendship. The people of Vence who worship there must feel quite a sense of energy from the art and their faiths. It strikes me as odd that more celebrated modern art is not reflected in newer places of worship. Art and faith have always been great partners.

The documentary was very informative, touching and uplifting. I did start weeping at the end, I must admit, more out of appreciation for this beautiful friendship that unfolded before my eyes. Very special movie. I am a great admirer of Matisse’s work, especially during his southern French period. Brings me joy and awakens my spirit.


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