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American Sniper

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Review : A comment from a Vietnam infantry vet
I feel I have to jump in here. I’m a Vietnam Vet, a former infantry officer; I am tired of seeing "American Sniper" being bashed about every day on the TV news. I wish I could say to those people that "I don’t think this movie should become a big political issue, rather it should be about Chris Kyle."

The reason, to my mind, as to why this has become some political issue, is because Chris, as a sniper, apparently killed without remorse. It was similar in Vietnam; I was in the infantry that made up 10{ff89742f3219e8496019fcd8ebe8a6b1985b23afdfd63874905892edda1affd8} of the Army soldiers, and yet we suffered 70{ff89742f3219e8496019fcd8ebe8a6b1985b23afdfd63874905892edda1affd8} of the Army’s mortalities and horrific wounds on the battlefield. In the infantry we were trained to kill with our bare hands, with a knife, with a bayonet, with a bullet, and with a grenade. We also killed without remorse, because our superiors did not want us to be standing around feeling all sorrowful; no, we were expected to get on with the task at hand, get something to eat, get very little sleep, then get…


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