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Review : Extremely well-done and brutally honest documentary about progression of ALS and not ever giving up in face of adversity
I saw an advance screening of Gleason in Chicago on 8/2/16 at River East 21 downtown. I knew nothing of the story of Steve Gleason before watching the movie, as I’m not a football fan. I think this ranks as one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen and is probably the best sports-related movie I’ve ever seen as well. I think that Steve and his wife Michel are probably the two bravest people on the planet, because they gave the filmmakers permission to really show them in an unvarnished way. This movie is no-hold-barred honest. Steve documented the progression of his ALS from the day of his diagnosis through the gradual loss of abilities. He would show when he would lose the ability to run, the ability to walk without a cane, the ability to speak etc. The movie shows the progression of the illness as Steve races to make journal entries to communicate with his son (who was not born yet) and teach him everything he wants to as a dad while he still has the ability to speak…


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