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Kill the Irishman

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Review : A bit hokey at times, but very enjoyable and satisfying
There are a few things that drew me to Kill the Irishman – my interest in organized crime films in general, the fact that I am of Irish (and Italian, as it were) ancestry, Ray Stevensons moustache in this movie, but most of all Ray Stevenson himself. Ever since watching him as Titus Pullo on the HBO show Rome, he has been one of my favorite actors hands down – very few actors have the impeccable ability to handle "tough guy" roles with an inherent vulnerability like Stevenson most effectively did on Rome. Unfortunately, the most of the rest of his filmography is less than stellar, though I will say I very much enjoy Punisher: War Zone from a B movie perspective. However, I was seeing some good things about his performance in this movie I had seen advertised a few years back, Kill the Irishman, which appeared to have been a direct to DVD release. After taking a look at the trailer and loving it, I knew I needed to see this movie, and was very eager to get my hands on it…


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