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Life According to Sam

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This is the very moving story of one family and their battle against progeria, a rare disease that causes premature aging, bringing about an early death to those affected. It is a a heartwrenching look at the disease, its effects, and how one family chose to deal with it.

Drs. Scott Berns and Leslie Gordon were a young married couple when their son, Sam, was born. By the time Sam was nearly two, they knew that something was wrong. What was wrong, they discovered, was that Sam had an extremely rare condition called progeria that was tantamount to a death sentence for their son. So, they started a foundation to do research and try to develop a cure.

This is their story, and the viewer is privileged to meet this family. Sam was a highly intelligent, personable and perceptive child who was grounded and looked at the hand that he had been dealt with great equanimity. You can’t help but love this kid and feel his parents’ pain on his behalf and on behalf of all…


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