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Man with a Mission

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Review : Highly recommended for the Tyndale curious
MAN WITH A MISSION uncovers and explores the life of a man who did his best to remain hidden. Tyndale was an outlaw, and simply for translating the bible into English. Self-exiled, focused, single-minded, clear-headed, and slippery (he had little choice if he was to survive the hunters). David Daniell is first a scholar, and has greatly advanced Tyndale studies. His first words are “William Tyndale gave us our English Bible.” And he is correct. Every English bible to date has an echo of Tyndale. “For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, for ever,” is a William Tyndale translation. Can such a lyric be surpassed? And this was the first of its kind. You can tell Daniell has great admiration for Tyndale, and a justified one. Tyndale contributed as much or more to the English language as Shakespeare did, and yet he remains hidden. We speak Tyndalese every day and hardly know the guy’s name. He remains a ghost. Daniell, the ghost whisperer, simply gives credit where credit is…


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