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Murph: The Protector

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Review : RECOMMEND! True story of a real American Hero
This movie isn’t about the war, or about Operation Red Wings, instead it is about a man whose selflessness and sacrifice is the stuff legends are made of. Lt Michael Murphy’s story is told by his family and friends, from his childhood through his time in the SEALs. It wasn’t clear at times who some of the people narrating this story were or how they fit into the film but I felt that by the end all of it was made clear. I also wish that we were able to hear from his fiance and from his teammate Marcus Luttrel during the documentary but it may have just been too painful for them to talk about. Other than those two critiques I can’t say that there is anything more you could ask for from this film. Lt Michael Murphy is a hero and someone to be looked up to and I will most certainly be purchasing a copy of this film to share with family and hopefully someday when I have kids or grandkids of my own to share with them to share with them someone who I saw as a hero and an inspiration as a…


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