My Ghost Story (#7) Online for Free Watch

Watch My Ghost Story (#7) Online for Free Watch

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My Ghost Story (#7)

Category: TV

Review : A bit too one sided.

I do love ghost documentary programs and was looking forward to this one. The program has about 5 different stories from members of the public giving their ghost stories sometimes with photo or video evidence,

Some of the stories do have a lot of back story complete with pointless artistic camera shots and editing and some use the evidence shown generally thirty thousand times. Generally in each episode there is one story that does have some truth too it but the others can be very laughable, with evidence from pictures of ‘orbs’ which are clearly hair, insects, dust, lint which are frnt lit and are in a grainy poor resolution to EVP recordings which if you did not have the caption would sound like random noise to videos which could be easily staged. The best ‘evidence’ was a strip club that show a video of what was quite clearly an insect fluttering around a camera which they claimed was an spirit and then they say ‘Yes business has gone up since the video…’ hmm.


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