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Watch Pixies – LoudQuietLoud Online for Free Watch

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Pixies - LoudQuietLoud

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Review : A real inside look at the Pixies
I bought Loud Quiet Loud with high hopes, and was not disappointed. I was hoping to hear good music and see inside the lives of the band members and I feel that is exactly what I got from Loud Quiet Loud. As a matter of fact it was almost uncomfortable how we saw into their private feelings,worries and doubts. This film really lets you see them as people not just vastly talented musicians who must live a fairy tale life like people imagine celebrities. In this picture you see Dave Lovering go through the loss of his father,and his unraveling. Joey Santiago as he has to be away from his wife while she is expecting and struggle to score a film while on tour. You feel the concern for whether Kim Deal will be able to maintain her sobriety in the rock and roll atmosphere and show pressure. Last but not least you see Charles Thompson(black francis)and his frustration wanting to do more. To regain the success of the early pixies with new material, and the fact all his solo projects are…


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