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The Blind Side

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Review : Reminds us – how to love!
Perhaps the reason we don’t have more films made about truly great stories — is because there are not enough people living truly self-less, loving lives. This film, based on a true story, is a GREAT film, because the family that welcomed into their home and adopted a "kid from the streets" — met that challenge — with love.

That being said — it is worthy to note that there were many people along the way that helped Michael Oher find his way to the Tuohy’s home. There was the mechanic, Big Tony, who introduced Big Mike to the private school the Tuohy’s sent their other 2 children. Plus there was "Coach Cotton" who effectively worked a "guilt trip" on the school’s admissions team to get Michael Oher into the private school as a student. Without those initial actions, Michael Oher would have never meet the Tuohy’s. Meaning: The Tuohy’s weren’t out on the streets of Memphis looking for a kid living on the streets to adopt. Somehow, someway, their…


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