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The Brothers Warner

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Review : The story of Warner Brothers, with a focus on the family – done in an engaging way
This is a fascinating documentary about the 4 Warner Brothers who created their eponymous studio, by the granddaughter of Harry Warner, Cass Warner Sperling. There are sad elements to the documentary about the poor relationship between Harry and the youngest, Jack, and about Jack’s dishonest takeover of the studio. But there is some great analysis of the social conscience of Harry reflected in such daring movies as I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang, Confessions of a Nazi Spy, and Sergeant York. Warner Brothers was the only studio to stand against Nazism before the US entered the war, and they received a lot of political pressure from Washington, D.C. and the censors for it, as well as serious threats from Nazis in America. Relations between the US and Nazi Germany were diplomatically and economically delicate. I also like the comparison made between Harry and Albert deeply resenting Jack’s self-aggrandizement, to Walt and Roy Disney’s 5-year strain over Walt’s desire to control…


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