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Watch The Diary of Anne Frank Online for Free Watch

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The Diary of Anne Frank

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Review : “The Diary of Anne Frank” = perfectly encapsulating her very-brief but infinitely-substantial Life
Anne Frank has been a truly Heroic figure to so many, for so long a time = epitomizing the idea that this innocent child of War and witness to nearly unspeakable/ unimaginable cruelty & horrors could nonetheless rise above so much of it, and almost to her dying day have the inner spiritual-strength and capacity to still believe that ‘humanity’ as a whole could be redeemed somehow in the future, and that most common people still held the seeds of genuine ‘goodness’ (perishing roughly 70-years ago, in early March, 1945 within the Bergen-Belsen death-camp, slightly after her sister Margot)

This 1959 version of "The Diary of Anne Frank" is based on the Pulitzer-Prize winning Broadway Play, and was directed by George Stevens and stars Millie Perkins as Anne Frank and also Shelley Winters (who won a best supporting Oscar).

Most viewers are probably already familiar with Anne Frank’s tragic story – that was relayed to future generations by means of her personal…


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