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The Miracle Maker

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Review : Inspired Animation
“The Miracle Maker” is a moving and inspiring telling of the life of Jesus, with meticulous use of animation techniques. It is a mix of 2 styles that though very different, work beautifully together, blending well from scene to scene. Some of it is drawn, in bold colors and simple, strong lines, by animators in Wales, and this is contrasted by the glorious work done in Russia, using clay puppets. These puppets are astounding, with detailed features, graceful, delicate hands, and eyes that seem real. The animals and settings are also a marvel, and one can understand how this film took 5 years to make.

The story manages to include many of events in the life of Jesus, as well as some of the parables, told with reverence and always faithful to its biblical source. It gives a major role to Jairus’ daughter, who Jesus brought back to life (Mark 5: 21, Luke 8:41), and is here named Tamar. Making Tamar a central focus of the story works well, and we see much of it through the yes…


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