The Submerging Church Online for Free Watch

Watch The Submerging Church Online for Free Watch

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The Submerging Church

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Review : Training video for all Christians!
this is a must see video for all christians who truly claim to know Christ and desire to follow only Him by living according to the exactness of the Word of God for all of living. We are living in a time of deception and lies, where God’s truth is being perverted and twisted according to the desires of men who claim to know God but their hearts truly know Him not! This video exposes these perversions and lies by relying on the truth of scripture to reveal the tactics of the emergent church as a heretical and apostate church led by delusional people who have bought into the lies of satan and are perverting the message and content of the gospel by softening it or remaking the gospel into something that is anything but foundational to the true christian church. This video should be mandatory viewing for all pastors in training, elders, deacons, missionaries, and anyone else who is serious about living for Christ and confronting a world view that is becoming increasingly hostile towards…


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