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Two Hats

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Review : A real blessing to me!
This was such a blessing to watch and it made me remember my own missionary work in Samoa and Hawaii in the early 80’s. The PNG people are so tenderhearted and seemed wonderful to work as the movie depicted. I know there were many things that were difficulties that were not shown and probably for good reason plus why muck it up with all the hardships when there were so many joys and fulfillment to share. I really enjoyed this film and wish with all my heart that God had made it possible for me to stay in Samoa at that time but……it just wasn’t the right time or place. It made me know for sure that I wasn’t called into that line of God’s work and that it was just someone else’s "good" idea and that never works out when it comes to mission work in a foreign land. It HAS to be a GOD-CALL or there isn’t a call. If for no other reason, this film helped me to see that my time spent on the mission field so many, many years ago wasn’t wasted. It was a time my three now-grown…


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