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Review : Nimoy was an even greater actor than I knew

I enjoyed this very much, and I also learned a lot about Vincent and Theo Van Gogh. Leonard Nimoy was certainly a gifted actor, and he certainly shines here. (I have to admit that I was almost tempted to stop watching fairly early in the narrative, when he used Vincent’s voice as a preacher, and I hated its stridency, but that disappeared quickly, and the rest was fine…) Make sure to watch all the way to the end, since there is a great deal of new information and paintings to see after the stage part of the presentation. It’s too bad that this was recorded via videotape, but, of course, it was 1981, and that’s what there was back then. (Today’s 1080p has gotten me very spoiled!) Great show. I highly recommend it, if only to see Leonard Nimoy display masterful acting chops that have nothing to do with galactic exploration.


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